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Use this sneaky trick to make the most of your startup’s PR

If your startup is about to be written about in a major publication, you should make the most of it.  Whether you’re hoping to gain customers or hire candidates, use this quick and easy method to make this article work for you.  


Determine your PR objective

A couple weeks ago LawnStarter got Tech-crunched.  It was a short post about us after we raised our Series A, and we knew the post would get tons of views both directly from Techcrunch and from the post bubbling up on social media.

Whenever you get this sort of guaranteed traffic, it’s important to make the most of it.   And to do this, you have to determine your objective.  Our objective was to get as many high-quality candidates to apply for our role.

Use this trick to make your PR work for you

We knew that our network of friends reads Techcrunch, so it wouldn’t be long after the announcement that they would begin sharing on social media.  Unfortunately, the article didn’t mention anything about hiring, so in order to get the word out, I attached a call to action advertising our job postings.

Enter, a great, simple tool that allows you to attach your own call to actions on any content.  Take note of the call-to-action at the bottom of the page.  Cool right?

lawnstarter techcrunch screenshot sniply



Getting the Sniply version of the post seen

Now this does nothing if people only see the original Techcrunch article, so you have to ensure that people see the Sniply version of the article.

When people share articles on Facebook, rarely do they paste in the URL.  Rather, they will simply click the “Share” button on Facebook.  So, it’s important to get the Sniply version in everyone’s newsfeed before everyone sees the original version of the article.

To do this, I began by sharing it myself, as egotistical as that might sound.  Then I messaged a dozen friends who I knew would share it anyway, and asked them to share the doctored link.  Before long, anybody who had multiple friends sharing the piece would see the doctored version in their newsfeed.

Amplifying to Local Communities

Additionally, I wanted the startup communities that we are known in to see the post.  So, I asked one friend to share the Sniply version in the Austin Startups Facebook group, and another friend shared it in the DC Tech group.  Once it was posted in these groups, I asked all my friends in those groups to like it to increase the chance of others seeing it, and hopefully making it a “top post” in the group so that others would be notified.

The results

Looking at the Sniply dashboard, the results were not bad.

lawnstarter sniply dashboard results

Of the 2,400 people who viewed the Sniply version of the article, 82 ended up clicking through, and after our first round of interviews, I learned that many of our applicants came after clicking the call-to-action I put there.

We also put a banner on our homepage to help capture people clicking through from the article.

lawnstarter home page











Following Up

Following the announcement, we then promoted our jobs page in a similar manner, and ultimately ended up with a slew of awesome candidates.

Looking for job opportunities at an awesome company?  Click here to see what LawnStarter is hiring for.

  • Mohammad Lafi

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to just have a CTA on your own website telling people that you’re hiring for positions X & Y instead of trying to control the traffic to a media website you can’t possible have control over.

    • Ryan Farley

      Did that too!